LDO Regulator

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 Silergy Corp. is founded by a group of technology innovators and business leaders from Silicon Valley. Top design leaders average 20 years experience. All founders have excellent track record in business, technology and engineering.

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Part NumberFunctionVin(V)Vout(V)Iout (A)Dropout Voltage(V)Package
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SY6331 3CH LDO Regulator 3.6-5.5 Vo1=1.8V,Vo2=2.8V,Vo3=2.8V 0.15 0.15 SOT23-6
SY6330 3CH LDO Regulator 3.6-5.5 Vo1=1.8V,Vo2=2.8V,Vo3=3.3V 0.15 0.15 SOT23-6
SY6306B LDO Regulator 2.8-5.5 1.2 0.6 0.5 SOT89-3
SY6306A LDO Regulator 2.8-5.5 3.3 0.6 0.5 SOT89-3