Step Up LED Backlight Regulator(Integrated Boost Switch)

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Part NumberPackageMax LED Voltage Per String(V)Max LED Current Per Sting(mA)No. of stringsSpecial FunctionApplication_param
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SY7201 SOT23-6 30 300 1 Dimming Freq.: 20kHz~1MHz PAD, GPS, MID, Tablet
SY7706 DFN3x3-16 33 30 6 NB, PAD, Tablet
SY7704 QFN3x3-16 43 40 4 NB, PAD, Tablet
SY7220 SOT23-6 30 140 1 Int. PWM Switch for True PWM Dimming PAD, GPS, MID, Tablet
SY7201A SOT23-6 30 300 1 PAD, GPS, MID, Tablet