AC LED Driver ICs, High Power + PFC


 To achieve the versatility and controllability promised by LEDs, they must be intelligently driven. With a family of proven mains AC LED driver and controller ICs, we helps simplify lamp design, extend lifetime and reliability, and with the smallest form factor.

we has a respected and long-standing tradition of delivering integrated driver solutions for conventional light sources. Combining our extensive systems knowledge in areas where SSL is finding favor, such as photo flash and LCD backlighting, with our proven AC/DC SMPS technology creates an outstanding family of mains AC driver ICs for LED applications. Our 2nd generation solutions help you deliver lighting products with lower energy consumption, longer lifetimes, smaller form factors, increased robustness and improved intelligence. A family approach that uses the same controller architecture ensures you can easily apply similar products across your LED lighting portfolio – no matter whether that is external ballasts or retrofit lamps and isolated or non-isolated configurations.

Easy integration

All our solutions integrate easily into products – so designers don't need to have extensive electronics skills. This 'hassle-free' integration cuts time-to-market and will help speed the adoption of LED in the general lighting market.

Reducing your design effort

Helping reduce your design effort, we offer reference boards and evaluation kits for many of our lighting control and driver ICs. In addition online design tools are available for our SSL152x and SSL210x families.


  • High power, mains LED driver ICs
  • Family approach simplifies design across applications - one solution for both external ballasts and retrofit lamps
  • High level of integration, including power switches and bootstrap diode
  • Smallest form factor and minimal external component count, ideal for retrofit lamps
  • Eye response logarithmic dimming curve
  • Support for both isolated and non-isolated designs
  • Valley switching and demagnetization protection
  • Fully support triac/transistor dimmers
  • Temperature protection, under voltage lock-out, short winding protection and adjustable over-current protection

Target Applications

  • Residential and retrofit lamp
  • Shop and retail


Part Number :  
Package :  
Description :  
Dimming :  
Isolated/non-isolated :  
Topology :  
Nominal mains (V) :  
Internal MOSFET :  
Short Winding Protection :  
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Part NumberPackageDescriptionDimmingIsolated/non-isolatedTopologyPower level [max] (W)Nominal mains (V)Internal MOSFETShort Winding Protection
SSL8516TSO16Flyback power supply controller IC with PFC for LED lighting0 V 10 V dimmingnonisolatedQR PFC + QR Flyback300100 277NN
SSL8516BTSO16Flyback power supply controller IC with PFC and burst mode for LED lighting0 V 10 V dimmingnonisolatedQR PFC + QR Flyback300100 277NN
SSL4120TSO24Resonant power supply controller IC with PFC for LED lighting0 V 10 V dimmingIsolatedPFC + Resonant400100 277NN
SSL4101TSO16Flyback power supply controller IC with PFC for LED lighting0 V 10 V dimmingIsolatedQR PFC + QR Flyback150100 277NN