Electricity Metering ICs


Highly integrated metering products feature a customer-programmable MPU core, RTC with battery backup, and a high-performance analog sensor interface combined with a dedicated 32-bit computation engine (CE) that handles all sample rate signal processing. With the provided CE binary files and reference MPU code, electricity meter vendors can design a wide range of single- and polyphase meter architectures using the same device platform.

These SoC metering products provide maximum design flexibility by incorporating a wide range of peripherals like LCD drivers, multiple UARTs, an IR interface, I2C, MICROWIRE™ master EEPROM interface, a number of configurable DIO pins, and in-system programmable flash memory. In addition, a complete set of ICE and development tools, programming libraries, and reference schematics enable rapid development and certification of TOU, AMR, and prepay meters that comply with worldwide electricity metering standards.


Part NumberPhaseInternal Flash (KBytes) Internal RAM (KBytes) Analog InputSensor Inputs (Current+Voltage)MCU MIPSRTCLCD Driver Pixels (max) GPIOUARTsSPI Port
MAX71315C1P25612Differential2D+220Yes8x36, 6x38, 4x40524Yes
71M6541FT1P645Differential2D + 15Yes222 (37x6)302Yes
71M6541DT1P323Differential2D + 15Yes222 (37x6)302Yes
71M6541GT1P1285Differential2D + 15Yes222 (37x6)302Yes
71M6543HT3P645Differential4D + 35Yes336 (56x6)512Yes
71M6543GHT3P1285Differential4D + 35Yes336 (56x6)512Yes
71M6543GT3P1285Differential4D + 35Yes336 (56x6)512Yes
71M6542GT1P/2P1285Differential2D + 25Yes336 (56x6)512Yes
71M6543FT3P645Differential4D + 35Yes336 (56x6)512Yes
71M6542FT1P/2P645Differential2D + 25Yes336 (56x6)512Yes
71M6545T3P645Differential4D + 35Yes291Yes
71M6545HT3P645Differential4D + 35Yes291Yes
MAX710711P ,3P00Differential2D300 (50x6)700
MAX71314L1P/2P1288Differential2D + 210Yes156 (39x4) ,190 (38X5) ,222 (37x6)393Yes
MAX71313L1P/2P648Differential2D + 210Yes156 (39x4) ,190 (38X5) ,222 (37x6)393Yes
MAX716373P1024128Differential4D + 3SE54Yes300 (50x6)708Yes
MAX716171P ,1P/2P1024128Differential2D + 254Yes300 (50x6)707Yes
MAX71336S3P51248Differential4D + 3SE20Yes160 (40x4) ,228 (38x6) ,288 (36x8)885Yes
MAX71315S1P25648Differential4D + 3SE20Yes160 (40x4) ,228 (38x6) ,288 (36x8)885Yes
MAX71316S1P51248Differential4D + 3SE20Yes160 (40x4) ,228 (38x6) ,288 (36x8)885Yes
MAX71335S3P25648Differential4D + 3SE20Yes160 (40x4) ,228 (38x6) ,288 (36x8)885Yes
71M65333P1284Differential4D + 310Yes228 (57x4)392Yes
71M6532F1P/2P2564Differential2D + 210Yes268 (67x4)432Yes
71M6532D1P/2P1284Differential2D + 210Yes268 (67x4)432Yes
71M6531F1P/2P2564Singleend2SE + 210Yes156 (39x4)222Yes
71M6531D1P/2P1284Singleend2SE + 210Yes156 (39x4)222Yes
71M6533H3P1284Differential4D + 310Yes228 (57x4)392Yes
71M6534H3P2564Differential4D + 310Yes300 (75x4)522Yes
71M65343P1284Differential4D + 310Yes300 (75x4)522Yes
71M6513H3P647Singleend3SE + 35Yes168 (42x4)222
71M6511H1P647Singleend2SE + 15Yes128 (32x4)122
71M6515H3P647Singleend3SE + 35Yes81
71M65133P647Singleend3SE + 35Yes168 (42x4)222
71M65111P647Singleend2SE + 15Yes128 (32x4)122