SY58294Z - Single Stage Buck PFC Regulator For LED Lighting


  • · Integrated 500V MOSFET
  • · Valley turn-on of the MOSFET to achieve low switching losses
  • · Power factor >0.90 with single-stage conversion.
  • · Low start up current: 15µA typical
  • · Quick start up <500ms
  • · Reliable short LED and Open LED protection
  • · Power factor >0.90 with single-stage conversion.
  •   Compact package: SO8

Typical Application


The SY58294Z is a single stage Buck PFC controller targeting at LED lighting applications. It integrates a 500V MOSFET to decrease physical volume. It adopts the proprietary control architecture to achieve an accurate regulation of LED current, unity power factor, and quasi-resonant valley turn-on high efficiency operation. It adopts special design to achieve quick start up and reliable protection for safety requirement.

It integrates open/short LED protection and eliminates the need for opto-coupler, thus minimizing the component count and board size.


  • LED lighting