SY7220 - Step Up LED Driver with True PWM Dimming


  • Input voltage range 3 to 30V
  • 1MHz switching frequency
  • Minimum on time: 100ns typical
  • Minimum off time: 100ns typical
  • Low Rdson: 0.5ohm for boost switch
  • 1ohm for PWM dimming switch
  • Compact package: SOT23-6

Typical Application


SY7220 develops a high efficiency boost regulator  for driving LEDs. The LED current can be set by external resistor. The intergrated dimming switch provides accurate LED current control during PWM dimming. 1MHz fixed switching frequency allows small external inductor and capacitor.



  • WLED Lamp Drivers
  • GPS Navigation Systems
  • Handheld Devices
  • Portable Media Players