SSL5001T - Compact non-dimmable LED controller IC


  • LED controller IC for driving strings of LEDs or high-voltage LED modules from a rectified mains supply
  • Controller-only which can drive an external MOSFET
  • Very low supply current during start-up and restart (10 μA)
  • Low supply current during normal operation (0.5 mA without load)
  • Applicable in buck/boost and flyback topologies
  • Fast transient response through cycle-by-cycle current control
  • Extended range of internal protections
  • Low component count LED driver solution
  • IC lifetime easily matches or surpasses LED lamp lifetime

Typical Application


 The SSL5001T is an Integrated Circuit (IC) for driving LED lamps in general lighting applications. It operates in fixed frequency mode.

The IC provides output power control to 10 % LED current accuracy. The IC has many protection features including easy LED temperature feedback with an external PTC.


  • Retrofit LED lamps
  • Driver modules for LED lighting