SSL5018TE - Compact non-dimmable LED controller IC


  • Driving LED strings from a rectified mains supply
  • Highly integrated switch mode LED driver with integrated 600 V (DC) power switches
  • Power efficient boundary conduction mode operation
  • Direct PWM current regulation possible
  • Fast transient response through peak current mode control
  • Full set of internal protections
  • Low BOM LED driver solution
  • High reliability: IC lifetime meets and exceeds the required LED lamp lifetime

Typical Application


  The SSL5018TE is a high-voltage Integrated Circuit (IC) controller with an integrated MOSFET for driving LED lamps in general mains non-dimmable lighting applications up to 18 W. The IC operates with input voltages up to 230 V (AC).


  • Retrofit LED lamps
  • Driver modules for LED lighting